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What a weekend!

Updated: May 21, 2021

One of the events that we get most excited about every year is our pre-MBA Women’s Weekend. Targeting building tight-knit, lifelong relationships, we bring together outstanding MBA matriculants headed off to top business schools for a time of reflection, planning, relationship-building, and action!

Ever have trouble saying no? One of our favorite sessions is always the appropriately described “Yes, No, Maybe” event. As everyone sorted through dozens of cards, they had a chance to realize the magnitude of the experience they’re undertaking – amazing opportunities are littered EVERYWHERE in an MBA program. We constantly remind clients that every day, you will face opportunities that will will consume more time than you have in a day. Learning to say no, and prioritize your time towards your particular goals is critical.

As each candidate talked through the logic of her own choices, the rest of the group shared feedback on how to prioritize, and how to resist temptation in deviating from plans due to the "fear of missing out". The support shared is why we love this weekend so much!

Wondering how you’re going to finance your MBA? We were so grateful to have the experiences of Eryn Schultz of Her Personal Finance to help attendees identify choices they will face and the impact of their decisions. In particular, she emphasized the growing set of tools available for all students to manage their finances, and improved outreach from a variety of financial institutions for women to control their financial futures. Several of our clients are working on additional tools

Trying to establish good habits before school? We were thrilled to have Sam Freed of Humanly Well join us to work through some powerful exercises on mindfulness, helping people to identify actions they could take to strengthen themselves as they head to school. This was particularly timely advice, as recent discussions with MBA Admissions Directors suggest that a key factor in success at school is the ability to manage mental stress and physical health. In fact, we have recently incorporated more wellness advice in our 100 Week Sprint program for current MBA students.

The group had great discussions about fitting in vs. standing out! In an exercise that featured a thorough exploration of Canva and other design tools, everyone pulled together magazine covers, projecting future aspirations. We discovered together that stick people can dream big too!

Trying to figure out how to make the most of the next two years? We are so grateful to have had amazing MBA alumnae and prior Women's Weekend attendees join us for the event, sharing perspectives on how they built hundreds of relationships, made difficult choices, and found the best recruiting opportunities across ten different MBA programs. The open conversations helped attendees consider their paths in new ways. We’re excited to continue to foster conversation so that the group can support each other over the next two years and beyond!

A huge thank you to our sponsors (Elektra Labs, Her Personal Finance and Humanly Well) for their contributions, making the weekend even more special!

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