What a weekend!

Updated: May 21, 2021

One of the events that we get most excited about every year is our pre-MBA Women’s Weekend. Targeting building tight-knit, lifelong relationships, we bring together outstanding MBA matriculants headed off to top business schools for a time of reflection, planning, relationship-building, and action!

Ever have trouble saying no? One of our favorite sessions is always the appropriately described “Yes, No, Maybe” event. As everyone sorted through dozens of cards, they had a chance to realize the magnitude of the experience they’re undertaking – amazing opportunities are littered EVERYWHERE in an MBA program. We constantly remind clients that every day, you will face opportunities that will will consume more time than you have in a day. Learning to say no, and prioritize your time towards your particular goals is critical.

As each candidate talked through the logic of her own choices, the rest of the group shared feedback on how to prioritize, and how to resist temptation in deviating from plans due to the "fear of missing out". The support shared is why we love this weekend so much!