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Group Sessions


Sparrey Consulting Group provides group sessions targeting career development for talented, motivated professionals at the early or mid-point stages of their careers. Groups we have spoken to include:

  • college student groups

  • active-duty military teams

  • corporate teams

  • student classrooms

Session topics include:

  • Talking your way in: how to effectively network throughout your career.

  • Finding the right path: your first job search out of college / graduate school.

  • Off to a great start: key lessons for the first 6 months in your job.

  • Success is not a Zero-Sum Game: finding supporting peers.

  • Aligning your professional goals with your organization. 

  • Building on your successes: choosing graduate programs.

  • Revisiting your path: turning careers into passions.

Contact us today to discuss a session that might be right for your organization.

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