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ProValues Case Studies

Over the past 10+ years, we have used ProValues to help teams and individuals identify what drives their satisfaction, and provide advise on how to improve that satisfaction to get the most out of themselves and their organizations. Below is a sample of the impact we have driven.

If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for your team, we would love to hear from you!

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University of Washington Women in Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

The Situation:

The University of Washington, as part of their Women in Entrepreneurial Leadership Program, was looking for ways to help students create a framework to explore short and long-term career choices. We partnered with them to identify what they valued out of careers, in order to streamline their searches…

The Process:

1. Class members were offered the ProValues assessment (~15 minutes) through their online course management tool a month before the session as part of their assignment for the week. 95%+ of attendees completed the exercise in advance of the session. Several of them prepared questions before the session.

2. The ProValues team developed a customized group presentation based on aggregated results, facilitating discussion for the entire class. During class, participants were divided into break-out groups for discussion.

3. The group presentation focused on how to apply heightened awareness of their values to short and long-term career planning. In particular, it sparked insights about the value of exploring choices aligned to individual preferences rather than internalizing peer pressure or “fear of missing out”.

4. In addition, the group dug in to discuss how they could employ awareness of their values at work immediately. Several of them left the discussion with clear action items that they were confident would increase their day-to-day satisfaction. In one group, classmates agreed to hold each other accountable for changes they had proposed.

Major takeaways:

This group had a diverse mix of values, far less concentrated than other organizations we’ve partnered with. The breakout discussions allowed students to express an interest in exploring values within their teams to manage employees more effectively.

During post-session feedback, students shared the importance of articulating what each value specifically meant for them. Several group members went back to the exercise to document their insights, which helped them to better assess the impact of change.

“I’m so glad our class participated in a ProValues sessions. The assessment helped my students to consider their values individually and how they could be applied to evaluate current and future opportunities. More importantly, it launched a rich discussion about our shared values (great leadership, mission-oriented work, and work-life balance) and our deal breakers (healthcare, travel), and how distinctively we each define those traits. Better yet, once we identified what we cared about, we discussed actionable next steps to make sure all our teammates values are met. Taking the ProValues exercise, and the dialogue that followed, helped members of our class to be better prepared for the many choices ahead.”

  - Christy Johnson, Chair, Women in Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

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