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Current MBA Students

Business school will be an amazing period of growth for you, particularly if you have the right guidance. Just ask any second-year student! However, the job search starts before you even set foot on campus, and finding the right opportunity can be daunting.


Having coached students at HBS, Booth, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, Tuck, and several other leading schools, we work with you to:

  • Define your professional goals and find specific opportunities that suit those goals.

  • Create networking opportunities within our community with people who support your efforts.

  • Prepare for the recruitment process with resume reviews and mock interviews under realistic conditions.

  • Evaluate future career paths using our proprietary ProValues™ exercise.

See other programs below to get more out of your MBA

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Through our 100 Week Sprint program, we provide weekly email tips throughout your two-year experience on how to get the most out of your MBA investment, along with opportunities to network with students at other top schools.

ProValues - white background.png

Ever wonder what drives you to succeed? Is it a few factors, or many? Tangible, or intangible?

In a few steps, ProValues will walk you through your past and targeted future roles, the selection and prioritization of your motivators (values), and the identification of the minimum requirements you will use in future role consideration. 

The exercise will generate a customized report of what motivates you, guiding you in future job searches, include tips to improve current career satisfaction and provide tailored questions on refining your recruiting priorities.

MBA Coaching Packages

For additional support and accountability in school, we design our check-in sessions around the topics below, customized to your needs.  All of our packages include specialized coaching from our staff on critical topics including interview skills, productivity, MBA student leadership insights, and goal setting.

Package A ($750)

Four 30-minute Sessions

  • Typically scheduled quarterly.

  • Includes one resume review, one LinkedIn review, and one cover letter (which you can then customize to future roles).

Package B ($1,700)

Twelve 30-minute sessions

  • Typically scheduled monthly.

  • Includes one resume review, one LinkedIn review, and one cover letter (which you can then customize to future roles).

Package C ($3,000)

Twelve 1-hour sessions

  • Typically scheduled monthly.

  • Includes two resume reviews, one LinkedIn review, one social media refresh and one cover letter that can be customized to future roles.

  • Bi-weekly check-in during recruiting.

Ready to accelerate your MBA experience? Select a package option below to get started!

What people say


In only 20 minutes, you were able to offer very helpful suggestions on how to rethink my story for business school, despite us just meeting. You certainly have a skill for this! Thank you for your help!

MBA Group Session Participant


I also can't be more grateful for all of your support, guidance and positive thoughts over these past few months. Your thoughtfulness and kindness anchored me during the tougher times and I can't thank you enough for everything!

Tuck Admit


I thought the workshop was very informative and helped point me in the right direction when thinking about careers. I will definitely be looking at Sparrey Consulting in the future as a resource for career help when I get to the point of seriously looking for careers.

College Career Workshop Participant

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