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$40M in scholarships...and counting!

This morning brought some amazing news for our community; our clients crossed the $40 million threshold in cumulative MBA scholarships earned while working with SCG! This represents not only a source of financial support for deserving young leaders, but is a validation of each of their unique skills and experiences that will be essential as they change the world. In many cases, the support from schools is a generation-changing investment. For a number of clients, that support allows them to get a running start on a new venture, one that will create jobs for hundreds or thousands of other people down the line.

What we’re especially proud of is how our clients have used their authenticity to attract such support. Through cultivating inclusive environments and fostering diversity, they have made their teams and organizations better positioned to compete in an increasingly complex economy. This has resulted in efficiencies gained, new product launches, revenue growth, and national security missions accomplished that wouldn’t have otherwise happened without their leadership.

Along the way, we’ve been humbled by hearing countless experiences that drive our clients’ successes. We look forward to sharing in many more successes in coming weeks and months, and cannot wait to see what our clients do next!

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