Layoffs suck

Updated: Nov 23

"So, what type of role are you looking for next?"

“I have absolutely no idea. A job?”

“And how do you know that it’s going to be better?”

“I really have no clue.”

My first meeting with a career coach years ago was deeply painful. Less than a week after being totally blindsided by my company’s decision to forgo a promotion (which meant I was required to transition out), I was expected to start the hunt for something new. Diagnostics. Strengths assessments. Vision statements. Career inventory. Values sorts. Each one offered new insight into choices that I would need to make.

My job had been my identity. I worked with people I loved. The guys in my bay had a beer fridge in the back, which meant that on Fridays, it became the hub of activity, with lots of discussion about the future. Professionally, I loved the feeling of bringing a business back from the brink of crisis, camping out in the boardroom for days at a time. Suddenly, all that was gone.

I really needed a tool to help frame career decisions. A simple pros/cons list wouldn’t work, as I tried to reflect on