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What are you thankful for?

Our family has a Thanksgiving tradition of asking everyone at the table to answer that simple question. Some years it's harder to decide on my answer, and I'd be lying if I said that 2022 isn't giving me pause. With some truly awful stories dominating national headlines, I'm determined to answer... what am I most thankful for?

While political divides dominate the airways, I'm finding something different on a personal level. In the past few weeks, I've noticed more remarkable acts of selflessness than I have in recent memory: a neighbor housing another family traveling into town for medical appointments; a friend who pitched in last minute to keep someone’s pet for the holidays when kennels were full; a consulting partner advocating that their company hire back former employees on H1B Visas who were laid off from the tech sector. ​I'm connecting with colleagues, clients, neighbors, family, and friends over a renewed purpose: rebuilding our communities. Those communities are a wonderful source of energy in times of success – if you’re applying to school or launching a company, you know how powerful they are. In recent weeks, that focus has been on helping people in our communities to handle the looming recession and the heartbreak that often entails.

So, in 2022, my answer is that I'm thankful for how communities are showing up for each other. I'm thankful for my greater network that has helped me to find new connections and resources for friends of mine or former clients who are looking for work. I’m appreciating the tone that second and third-degree connections are extending to each other on LinkedIn when commiserating about loss. And I’m thrilled for the leaders who have started companies who are able to reach out to people to offer them opportunities.


Are you facing a job loss yourself? We have brought together a few resources to help that we detailed (here). Please know during this time that you’re not alone. If you would like to be included in part of a group that’s working together through the job search, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

Do you have a friend or colleague who was recently laid off and at a loss for what to do? We created a simple list (here) with resources and suggestions of ways that you might be able to help. People are often hesitant to ask for help – this is a list that you can use to offer support.


After years of slowly disconnecting from each other in a global pandemic, it feels good to reconnect and find people ready to support each other through what could be another tough year. It's nice to feel us all coming together for a greater good.

Enjoy the laughter and love around your Thanksgiving table. And please know that you have a whole community at SCG ready to cheer on your successes and to support you through your struggles.

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