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Search tip #1: Know your strengths

When a layoff rocks your world, it can raise lots of doubt. One of the most powerful antidotes is to reconnect with your strengths.

The homework here is simple, but powerful: develop a list of your strengths, with examples. This is a great way to engage friends and family, either through a formal exercise for personal branding or by simply asking for examples of you at your best. It can be difficult to remember all of the things that you're great at and you can show those strengths at work and outside of it. We are big fans of #StrengthsFinder as a tool and believe it can be complimented with lots of examples.

This step also offers a powerful way to engage friends and family, who are eager to help if you've experienced a layoff or if you're going through a job search. We are happy to share our personal branding exercise that asks for their feedback to support the job search. You can also ask questions informally to develop a list of stories / examples that you can use to convey what you could contribute to an organization.

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