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Announcing our 2022 CareerBoosts

Each year, Sparrey Consulting Group’s 100 Week Sprint program offers subscribers an opportunity to interact and network with industry-based panelists before they get to school. Each week, Career Conversations will focus on a different topic – for instance, Consulting, Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Product Marketing, with panels comprised of top young leaders in the industry. We were amazed by the response last year, and thus expanded our schedule to over a dozen sessions.

Why did we launch the program? So often, people wait until they arrive at school to start exploring career choices – yet clients at top MBA programs indicate year after year that’s too late! Rather, it is better to explore early, to prioritize early recruiting efforts in order to improve success rates.

Our 2022 sessions are as follows:

  • Management Consulting - May 4, 3-4pm PT

  • Investment Banking - May 11, 3-4pm PT

  • PE - May 12, 3-4pm PT

  • VC - May 18, 3-4pm PT

  • Product Management / Product Marketing - May 19, 3-4pm PT

  • Careers with Impact - May 25, 3-4pm PT

  • Entrepreneurship - May 26, 3-4pm PT

  • Food & Ag Tech - June 1, 3-4pm PT

  • Healthcare - June 2, 3-4pm PT

  • Non-profit/government - June 8, 3-4pm PT

  • Rotational programs - June 9, 3-4pm PT

  • Human Capital - June 15, 3-4pm PT

  • Pursuing your PassionJune 16, 3-4pm PT

What are people discovering?

Our sessions led to numerous introductions between candidates and recruiters, and streamlined how candidates approached recruiting.

In addition, during our consulting session last year, panelists talked about the huge number of opportunities to interact with firms and the importance of building relationships. While it was important to build a number of connections at each firm, the panelists emphasized having a clear objective to your outreach. More is not necessarily better. In fact, each of the panelists focused on the importance of thoughtful outreach, reflective (and effective) interview practice, and the value of surrounding yourself with people who will give you honest coaching and feedback. Start early, work hard, but have fun! In particular, panelists shared how much candidates who really enjoy cases stand out for their energy and enthusiasm. Want to get started? Watch some of the practice cases that leading consulting firms share online to get a taste for the case experience.

How do I hear more?

If you’re a member of the 100 Week Sprint, check out the session recordings for more details. If you’re not yet a member, you can sign up here!

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