Wharton Group Interview Prep

As you know, Wharton’s interview process is unique in that it centers around a group discussion. In an effort to help you prepare for this format, we offer group interview practice sessions conducted in a secure, online format to give you a chance to simulate the interview environment.

Taking part in our practice session allows you to:

  • Experience the unique pressure/stress of interacting with Wharton-grade peers driving towards a time-sensitive deliverable (for many participants, a first)
  • Articulate your response to the Wharton group interview prompt
  • Discuss your idea and others' with peers also selected to interview at Wharton, gaining feedback
  • Give and receive feedback on your ideas, and those of other applicants

After the session, we will offer you detailed written feedback, highlighting our assessment of the following:

  • Effectiveness of your idea
  • Your contributions to group dynamics
  • Strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address

The cost for one group session and written feedback is $400. Please note that space is limited.

We conduct these sessions in groups of 4-6 participants. Having an appropriate number of applicants in the conversation makes the simulation as realistic as possible, which is important for all the participants. From the experience last year, the group session offers value but only if all people who sign up attend.  Given the group nature of the call (and the importance of having a full group to practice), there are no refunds if you cannot participate.

We are offering the following practice interview slots – note: as mentioned above, getting the right number of participants is crucial, so we will only hold a session if there are enough participants to simulate the group activity:

Round 2 for 2019 entry (three practice interview slots currently offered)

  • (SESSION FULL) - Wednesday, February 13 at 4pm-5pm PT
  • (SESSION FULL) - Sunday, February 17 at 11am-12pm PT
  • (SESSION FULL) - Sunday, February 24 at 1pm-2pm PT

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