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Recent Successes

Graduate School Successes

Some of the schools our clients have attended:


Gaining Admission

During the most recent graduate school admissions season, our firm customized application approaches with over 150 candidates to showcase their individual skills and experiences. As students secured admission to all top-10 schools and others, they did so with clear long-term plans for success. We build on those interactions and insights to provide feedback on your own application. Further, we love nothing more than to connect clients with similar interests so they can magnify the support they can tap into.

MBA Student Coaching

We continue to work with hundreds of clients throughout their graduate school experience (MBA, MPP, JD) and afterward to better position them for long-term success.

Our support includes access to resources like 100 Week Sprint and ProValues, as well as coaching packages designed for current graduate students. 

Career Impact

In addition to our graduate admissions activities, we work with clients after graduation to support their longer-term goals, from recruiting for new roles to standing out as top-tier performers in their current roles. We conduct career-mapping exercises, collaborate to develop and track goals, perform detailed Monte Carlo scenario analysis to evaluate job offers, and prepare for interviews to help clients maximize their future earnings, as well as their professional and personal happiness. In fact, our clients have started over a dozen companies and several are on a variety of Forbes lists.

What people say


I wanted to again thank you for all the guidance during the MBA application process. Your approach to understand my unique differentiators and knowledge of navigating the application process were both critical. In addition to the value-added feedback on the applications, you provided me with the organizational tools that allowed me to keep track of my workplan and various deadlines.

Wharton Admit


Got some great news today - I was admitted to both Kellogg and Darden! I can't thank you enough for all your help!

Kellogg and Darden Admit


I can’t recommend SCG highly enough – the support from the entire team is exceptional. When I first did my diligence on consultants last year, I talked to lots of people. I talked with SCG first and came back to the team because they were so committed to partnering throughout the process. My expectations were tremendous and they exceeded them at every turn. Along the way, Andrea, Amit and their team challenged me to contribute to my community in new ways, helping me to unlock a passion I couldn’t have articulated before. I am thrilled to be headed to GSB in the fall and cannot imagine a world where I would have been successful without this partnership.

Stanford GSB Admit
Class of 2024

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