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Benefits of Professional Advice

During a virtual MBA application training session with a major consulting firm a few weeks ago, we met some amazing people set to do great things in their career. Most graduated near the tops of their respective college classes, had created value for a multitude of organizations around the world, scored 750 or above in the GMAT, and were active in making their communities better. So I wasn’t surprised when many of our 1:1 follow-up conversations began with a version of, “So, why do I need you?”

We love that question. Since founding SCG in 2010, our team is aware that our biggest competitor is our clients themselves; they always have the option of managing their own application process for “free”. However, there are many benefits in terms of time, probability of acceptance, and a variety of other opportunities that can be unlocked through investing in professional advice:

Cut through the "noise":

Many of the “self help” books and articles on the internet are full of outdated and in numerous cases, misleading information. For instance, reading what someone else wrote to get into HBS, Booth, Stanford or other top schools won’t really inform how you should approach your essays, since everything else about your application (including when you apply) is different too.

Further, business school rankings won’t really help guide you on whether the school (or even an MBA) is the right fit for you. Or, you may read how one of your recommenders should be an alumni of the school you’re applying to (not true, and not even realistic for many successful applicants). We can help you save dozens of hours chasing the right information, share the latest information, and help guide you on paths that are best for you.


There are numerous ways of financing your MBA beyond loans, and working with a consultant exposes you to programs you may not know existed. From school scholarship programs to negotiating support from your employers to applying for grants from private foundations, we can help prepare application materials and introduce you to past recipients. In fact, we’ve helped clients earn more than $30 million in MBA scholarships. The payoff from investing time in this could be more than your hourly rate from any job you’ve had!

Accelerated Networking Entering School:

MBA applications, and school thereafter, requires as much support from peers as one can find. A consultant can introduce you to recent alumni and current students who can help you further highlight your skills and experiences based on what schools are looking for. They might even put in a good word for you. More importantly, when you get in, a consultant can introduce you to peers months earlier than you otherwise would have met them. Over the next few weeks, we are introducing dozens of clients to their peers at top-5 MBA programs. These introductions help support networks start to form in time to have an even greater benefit when clients arrive at school. In fact, several businesses have been formed from these introductions!

MBA support:

While easy to forget when immersed in essays, recommendation letters, and other application materials, admission is not a finish line. With hundreds of thousands of real and opportunity dollars invested in our MBA experience, more and more clients understand the need for professional guidance while in school. Our 100 Week Sprint program can help remind you of your goals when facing distractions, and introduce you to peers who can enhance your success. They can also review your recruiting materials and advise on strategies that incorporate your new experiences and skills at school. The payoff from this investment can be entry into your dream career track.

Post-graduation support:

Having worked with thousands of people over the past 14 years, we know that the true value of an MBA is unlocked through how you navigate your career after graduation. Five of our clients have achieved Forbes lists, and hundreds of others are enjoying success in technology, social enterprise, private equity, consulting, sports, and other paths aligned to their passions. True, MBA grads from top programs are a special breed, and would likely enjoy above-average success regardless. However with competition for top opportunities becoming fiercer, tools like ProValues can help you streamline where to focus your time, our online platform can organize and find community support for that search, and time with our experienced team can help set you apart from other applicants.

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