There are many seemingly minor factors that can trip you up when you’re in the final stages of applying to MBA programs. Follow the links below to find various tips and tricks that you can use to put the final polish on your applications. 



General Essay Tips 

Things to consider before you start writing!

Word Count Tips & Tricks

Advice on how to get your essays down to the required length

Common Errors 

How to avoid common grammatical and punctuation mistakes



Sample Interview Questions 

What kinds of questions you might encounter in an interview

MBA Elevator Pitch 

How to answer that seemingly simple question, "Why do you want an MBA?"

Thank-You Examples

Why a well-written thank-you note is important, along with examples

Other resources


LinkedIn for MBAs 

How to leave a lasting impression on LinkedIn

I feel like I got the most out of my experience working with Andrea because I bought into her guidance and process. As a result, I not only found the intersection of what I love and what I'm best at, but also, I reaped invaluable personal benefits: my experience helped me become a more empathetic and humble friend, teammate and family member. Also, I learned how to brand myself and improved my ability to tell a story. For these lessons, I am eternally grateful. 

Career Client

Thank you for facilitating my tremendous personal growth, confidence in taking risks at work, and affirmation of the impact I want to have in my career and life. Somewhat ironically, the personal work that I've done with your guidance has made me more confident that I will achieve my career and community goals regardless of how my MBA app process turns out. Actually getting into Fuqua is a tremendous reward and will only help my chances of realizing the impact I hope to have.

Fuqua Admit

Experiencing what the group session would be like prior to interview day was critical to my preparation. I felt so much more comfortable and confident going into the interview than I would have otherwise, and I was able to leverage effective techniques that I had learned in the practice sessions to help my group succeed. A must-do for anyone interviewing at Wharton.

Wharton Group Interview Participant