There are many seemingly minor factors that can trip you up when you’re in the final stages of applying to MBA programs. Don’t let these small details be your undoing! Follow the links below to find various tips and tricks that you can use to put the final polish on your applications. We will continue to update these pages as we gather more tips and tricks for finalizing applications. If you have any to share, please contact us!



General Essay Tips 

Things to consider before you start writing!

Word Count Tips & Tricks

Advice on how to get your essays down to the required length

Common Errors 

How to avoid common grammatical and punctuation mistakes



Sample Interview Questions 

What kinds of questions you might encounter in an interview

MBA Elevator Pitch 

How to answer that seemingly simple question, "Why do you want an MBA?"

Thank-You Examples

Why a well-written thank-you note is important, along with examples

Other resources


LinkedIn for MBAs 

How to leave a lasting impression on LinkedIn

Thank you for all your help over the past few months. I sincerely enjoyed working with you every step of the way. Without your support, I believe I would have been too overwhelmed by this whole process to get everything done.

2016 Wharton Admit

Thanks again for all your help with getting me to the right place to apply and helping me present the best me!

2016 Kellogg Admit

Thank you again for the overwhelming positive experience. My only after-action from my application process was I wish I had known about you at the beginning of my application process; my life and the caliber of my first round applications would have been much better.

2017 NYU Admit