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Wharton Team-Based Discussion

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The team-based interview is one of the most fun activities to prepare for in the application process. Why?

  • It is a chance to meet people who could become part of your MBA experience whether or not you end up at the same school.

  • You get to discuss interesting ideas.

  • Even the preparation for the interview can be fun as you test out your ideas and then build on them/explore with others.

Our clients love the structure because it allows them to showcase their collaboration skills with highly-skilled peers. It also gave them a taste (however brief) of how their business school experience would feel.

The biggest challenge with the interview process is the uncertainty. What is it like? How fast does the time move? What are the expectations for "success"? Are there ever "complicated" team members? How do I handle them? A practice session or two can help to eliminate some of these worries.

If invited, start practicing. Consider the role that you typically play on a team, and be ready to adapt to those around you. Also remember to be yourself…there was a reason you were invited to begin with! If you want a sense of what to expect, we offer group interview practice sessions with other Wharton applicants invited to interview.

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