Stanford Class of 2023 - Discussion with Kirsten Moss

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Stanford GSB released their application for the 2020-21 cycle earlier today. You can find more details here.

In addition to the application release, earlier today, the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC) hosted a call with Kirsten Moss, Assistant Dean of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid at Stanford GSB. During the call, Kirsten noted the strong Round 2 and Round 3 application volume and yield and the expectation that the strong pool of candidates would continue this coming fall. During the early part of the conversation, she recognized the continued uncertainty that every MBA program continues to face due to COVID, including the possibility some current admits will choose not to begin this Fall.

Several questions on the call related to the impact on future classes from possible deferrals this year due to COVID. They noted that admitted students can begin remotely this Fall, even if unable to obtain a visa in time to begin in-person. Consequently, they do not expect significant movement off the waitlist or a significant impact on the size of future classes to make room for deferred students. Nevertheless, Kirsten acknowledged the healthcare and economic environments are changing, and that school officials will continue monitoring the situation closely.

Most of the discussion focused on Stanford’s updated MBA application for the Class of 2023 as well as the opportunities that exist for students despite (or because of) innovative course delivery.

During the discussion, Kirsten reiterated what Stanford is looking to learn through the application:

  1. What matters to you

  2. What you aspire to do