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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the 100 Week Sprint!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The 100 Week Sprint™ is excited to celebrate its 10th year! This year promises to be our most valuable one yet for everyone participating in the program.

What IS the 100 Week Sprint? The 100 Week Sprint™ is a weekly email program designed to help MBA students make the most of their time at school. We supplement the emails with web-based resources and webinars to deepen learning about careers and life as a student.

Why did we create the 100 Week Sprint? Students only pursue an MBA once. We believe in the value of seasoned advice and best practices to help them through what promises to be an incredibly rewarding (and hectic) couple of years! And, we don’t think it should be expensive! Students have enough to pay for as part of their MBA experience. This is a low cost, high return option to make the most of the experience.

Who is involved? The Sparrey Consulting Group created the 100 Week Sprint a decade ago. We filter best practices from students and alumni at all top-tier schools and distribute this information in a weekly email. Our resources are designed to provide students with what they need, when they need it.

Sign up today! For less than $1 a week, you’ll have access to advice that helps to you maximize the value of your MBA.

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