Words from our clients

Below are some of the highlights from clients who have received admission to the top programs!

I'm incredibly happy I got to work with Andrea on my business school applications. From the very beginning, she took great interest in my experiences and motivations behind them. As we brainstormed outlines for my essays, she was not only insightful and collaborative, but also enthusiastic about my story. On multiple instances during the drafting process, her advice and suggestions were distinctly better in judgement compared to other feedback I was getting. It's without a doubt my application was able to elevate to a level that I wouldn't have been able to achieve without her help. In the end, I applied to just HBS and got in! NPS: 11.

2017 HBS Admit

I am writing to let you know I received an acceptance to UC Berkeley earlier today. Thank you so much for all of your help over the past year around my application. I strongly feel that the essays we worked on must have been one of the key deciding factors for my admissions. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work together towards applying to graduate school.

2018 Haas Admit

Thank you for facilitating my tremendous personal growth, confidence in taking risks at work, and affirmation of the impact I want to have in my career and life. Somewhat ironically, the personal work that I've done with your guidance has made me more confident that I will achieve my career and community goals regardless of how my MBA app process turns out. Actually getting into Fuqua is a tremendous reward and will only help my chances of realizing the impact I hope to have.

2018 Fuqua Admit

I deeply appreciate the support. I learned a TON about framing, transitions, bringing the read into the story, all that jam, so thank you!

2017 Stanford  GSB Admit

 Thank you again for the overwhelming positive experience. My only after-action from my application process was I wish I had known about you at the beginning of my application process; my life and the caliber of my first round applications would have been much better.

2017 Stern Admit

Thanks again for all of your help throughout the process. I found your advice along the way to be incredibly helpful in elevating my application quality to the next level.

2017 LBS Admit

Wanted you to be one of the first people I told that I just accepted an offer for the Manager role on [name redacted]'s strategy team at [company]. Thank you again for putting me in touch with [name] and for all your help preparing me for these interviews. I learned a lot the last few months interviewing for various job opportunities and am really happy I landed my top choice.

Career Client

Thanks for all your help along the way... and the skills I learned during the application process that helped me get to this job!

Career Client

Looking back to where I started when we first spoke I think back in 2012 / 2013, it has certainly been a long journey to this point, and I couldn’t have done it without your help, from crafting essays, to thinking about career tracks, to prepping for case interviews and connecting with Bainies!

Career Client