Why should you use a consultant? The decision to apply to business school is exhilarating. We want to help you every step of the way.  Our goal is to help you grow through the process, even before you get to school, to make the experience rewarding and fun.

To help you along the way, we craft an MBA application strategy, customized to your needs and goals. Our SCG team is there to guide you, be a thought partner, and map activities to your schedule. With interactive online access to your project plan, we help you to discover how to stand out in a deeply competitive pool.

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The online application is only 50% of the process - the other 50% is the interview! Through our individual coaching and online resources, we will prepare you for even the toughest questions.

Virtual Interview Preparation ($100)

If you want to practice whenever you want, but still want access to interview questions customized to the schools you're applying to, based on actual questions our clients have been asked, consider our virtual experience that will allow you to practice whenever you want.



Standard Interview Preparation

As you prepare for interviews, the cliché holds true: practice makes perfect! While you cannot anticipate ALL the questions you’ll be asked, you can certainly prepare key themes and examples, and then practice refining your message in a realistic mock interview using common questions your particular school has asked. 

  • Interview strategy session: 60 minutes of interview preparation (either general or school-specific) - $350

Note: for HBS and Wharton mock interviews, scroll below.



For other interview solutions, see the following options for HBS and Wharton.   

Harvard Business School

Coaching clients through hundreds of HBS interviews over the years has taught us it is a more intense experience than other schools for most applicants. For instance, your interviewer will have reviewed your full application (essays, transcripts, resume, etc.) and you’ll have a 30-minute Q&A session that requires more efficient storytelling. The best interview results have been from candidates who are succinct, can provide thoughtful insight into their full application, and have anticipated the questions to come.

To prepare you for this, we’ve provided the interview preparation options below to tailor our sessions to your needs.

Package A: One 30-minute interview strategy session + one 60-minute full interview session (30-minute interview, 30-minute feedback) - $500

Package B: One 60-minute interview strategy session + two 60-minute full interview sessions (30-minute interview, 30 minute feedback). Note: this includes unlimited access to standardized web-based video practice tools.  - $900

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 Wharton’s interview process is unique in that it includes a group discussion. In an effort to help you prepare for this challenge, we offer group interview practice sessions. We conduct these sessions in a secure, online format to give you a chance to simulate the interview environment.

Taking part in our practice session allows you to:

  • Experience the stress of interacting with Wharton-grade peers driving towards a time-sensitive deliverable (for many participants, a first) in a risk-free environment
  • Articulate your response to other Wharton applicants, hear their ideas, and gain valuable group feedback
  • The chance to give and receive critical feedback with your peers

You never know, someone you practice with may be in your actual interview, giving you a critical edge! After the session, we will offer you detailed written feedback, highlighting our assessment of the following:

  • Effectiveness of your idea
  • Your contributions to group dynamics
  • Strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address

The cost for one group session and written feedback is $500 for the 2020-21 application cycle. Please note that space is limited.

We conduct these sessions in groups of 4-6 participants. Having an appropriate number of applicants in the conversation makes the simulation as realistic as possible, which is important for all the participants. The value of the session is maximized only if all people who sign up attend.  Given the group nature of the call (and the importance of having a full group to practice), there are no refunds if you cannot participate.

We are offering the following practice interview slots – note: as mentioned above, getting the right number of participants is crucial, so we will only hold a session if there are enough participants to simulate the group activity.

Round 3 for 2021 entry (three practice interview slots currently offered)

  • Click here to request a slot for Monday, 4/19/21, 4pm-5pm PT 
  • Click here to request a slot for Wednesday, 4/21/21, 4pm-5pm PT 
  • Click here to request a slot for Saturday, 4/24/21, 9am-10am PT 

Please complete the following steps to secure your slot in a Wharton prep session.

  1. Complete the Paypal checkout process on the form below. (Note: to purchase multiple practice sessions, after clicking "Buy Now" on the Paypal form, select the quantity of sessions to purchase in the following page. We will approve the corresponding number of meeting registrations.) 
  2. Request a specific interview slot listed above.
  3. Once our team has confirmed that your Paypal payment was received, we will approve your meeting registration. You will receive an additional email with instructions on how to join the online Zoom video session. 
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Words from our clients

“Participating in your group mock interview made a crucial difference in my acceptance to Wharton, as the feedback I received was invaluable to formulating a successful interview strategy.  As this was my first opportunity to interact with non-military peers of this caliber, I quickly recognized my need to consider how to most appropriately share my leadership style.  Further, I definitely felt like I had a competitive advantage walking into my actual interview, simply due to feeling at ease with the interview process itself.  Finally, I appreciated learning more about how to provide insightful ideas and commentary to truly add value to the group. Thank you for this excellent preparatory tool!” – Wharton Admit

"I had no idea what to expect from the group interview - the practice really calmed my nerves." – Wharton Admit

"The Wharton group interview preparation was essential to my success." – Wharton Admit


Using the InterviewStream online platform, we will give you access to the "batting cages of the interview," allowing you to gain the invaluable practice you need.


With your full application profile, we will extract questions that are most relevant for the school's specific interview process

Options for Partnering with SCG:


Designed for clients seeking end-to-end support in their applications, or unsure how much support they will need. A school package includes all support needed for a school's application, including resume review, social media advisory, interview support and scholarship negotiations. 

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Designed for clients seeking more targeted support. For instance, are you a good writer, but want help crafting your message? Or, do you know your story, but need help with essay edits? This option could be for you. Plus, you will have a chance to convert to an MBA Package if you choose.

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online Project-plan

Unsure if you want advice right away? Start with our $299 online project plan, customized to your target schools. You have full freedom on your plan.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... for believing in me, challenging me to be authentic and pushing me to be great!

Haas Admit

I know I've said this several times, but I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the time you spent with me. As valuable as it was to actually work on the essays and applications, the reflection you asked me to do upon my goals and my career thus far has given me far more clarity headed into the MBA experience than I would have had otherwise. I believe this will be invaluable as I take the next step in my career.

Kellogg Admit

I wouldn't have reached my dreams without you. Even after I failed miserably the first time around, you maintained steadfast belief in me. I will never forget that.

HBS Admit