Group Sessions

Career development sessions

Sparrey Consulting Group provides group sessions targeting career development for talented, motivated professionals at the early or mid-point stages of their careers.

Session topics include:

  • Talking your way in: how to effectively network throughout your career.

  • Finding the right path: your first job search out of college / graduate school.

  • Off to a great start: key lessons for the first 6 months in your job.

  • Building on your successes: choosing graduate programs.

  • Revisiting your path: turning careers into passions.

  • Successfully pursuing a consulting career.

  • Getting LinkedIn: using LinkedIn to its full potential.

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Wharton group interview prep sessions

As you know, Wharton’s interview process is unique in that it includes a group discussion, which means that traditional interview preparation doesn’t necessarily cover all your bases. In an effort to help you prepare for this challenge, we offer group interview practice sessions. We conduct these sessions in a secure, online environment where we use only first names.

Taking part in our practice session allows you to:

  • Experience a group interview setting (for many participants, a first)

  • Start working on your response to the Wharton group interview prompt

  • Share your ideas and evaluate the responses from others

After the session, we will offer you written feedback, highlighting our assessment of the following:

  • Specifics and effectiveness of your idea

  • Your enthusiasm

  • Your contributions to group dynamics

  • Strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address

We conduct these sessions in groups of 4-6 participants. Having an appropriate number of applicants in the conversation makes the simulation as realistic as possible, which is important for all the participants.

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Words from our clients

“Participating in your group mock interview made a crucial difference in my acceptance to Wharton, as the feedback I received was invaluable to formulating a successful interview strategy.  As this was my first opportunity to interact with non-military peers of this caliber, I quickly recognized my need to consider how to most appropriately share my leadership style.  Further, I definitely felt like I had a competitive advantage walking into my actual interview, simply due to feeling at ease with the interview process itself.  Finally, I appreciated learning more about how to provide insightful ideas and commentary to truly add value to the group. Thank you for this excellent preparatory tool!”

– Wharton Admit, Class of 2016

"In my opinion, doing the practice team-based discussion should be a no-brainer.  When I got the interview invite, the team-based discussion felt like a black box to me.  I wasn't sure what my 60-second pitch was supposed to sound like and had no clue how the overall conversation would flow.  Even though I work in a team-based, highly collaborative job, I was unclear how I should "operate" in such a highly-evaluative situation. 

I immediately signed up for the practice interview and am so thankful that I did.  Doing the practice interview with Andrea was helpful in many ways.  It...

  • Allowed me to refine my own idea while exposing me to other peoples' ideas (many of which were similar to ones I heard in the real interview)

  • Helped me identify the best ways to add value (ie, building on other people's ideas)

  • Gave me incredible confidence just by showing me what to expect on the day of the interview. 

  • Provided me with actionable, constructive feedback  (via Andrea & team) that took my interview skills up a level."

– Wharton Admit, Class of 2016