In college? Want to make sure you are on the right trajectory?

We have partnered with exceptional young leaders, with the belief that starting your career off well can pay off for the next 40+ years.

One-on-one coaching with one of our professionals, even for an hour, can provide perspective on where to direct your attention over the next 6-12 months as you establish yourself inside the workplace and in the broader community. In particular:

Explore post-college careers

  • Use ProValues™ to prioritize your immediate job choices and to consider your longer-term focus.
  • Engage with our network of elite business professionals who can help you achieve your goals, and offer opportunities to help others.

Prepare for your post-college job search

  • Our interview tools can help you land that first big opportunity.
  • Update your resume with the support of our resume review services, streamlining your current and past experience, tailor your resume to specific opportunities, and identify opportunities to communicate a broader range of skills.
  • Employ social media to build your brand and support your search.

Consider deferred admissions for graduate school

  • Explore deferred admissions programs to top MBA programs, ensuring admissions in 2+ years post college.

  • Contact our partner to explore deferred admissions to law school.

Set-up time today

I wanted to send you a huge thank you and let you know how much I appreciate all your help/feedback during this process.  You provided an enormous amount of guidance which really helped direct my search so THANK YOU for that.  I do hope that we can work together again in the future and I've already suggested to a couple of my peers that they check out the services offered by Sparrey Consulting.

Career Client

I accepted the job with [company] and thank you for all of your help!

Career Client

Wanted you to be one of the first people I told that I just accepted an offer for the Manager role on the strategy team at [company]. Thank you again for putting me in touch with [name redacted] and for all your help preparing me for these interviews. I learned a lot the last few months interviewing for various job opportunities and am really happy I landed my top choice.

Career Client