MBA Application Tips & Tricks

There are many seemingly minor factors that can trip you up when you’re in the final stages of applying to MBA programs. Follow the links below to find various tips and tricks that you can use to put the final polish on your applications. 


General Essay Tips

Things to consider before you start writing!

Word Count Tips & Tricks

Advice on how to get your essays down to the required length.

Common Errors 

How to avoid common grammatical and punctuation mistakes.


Application Details

Short Answer Questions

What people say


I wanted to again thank you for all the guidance during the MBA application process. Your approach to understand my unique differentiators and knowledge of navigating the application process were both critical. In addition to the value-added feedback on the applications, you provided me with the organizational tools that allowed me to keep track of my workplan and various deadlines.

Wharton Admit


I accepted the job with [company] and thank you for all of your help!

Career Client


The Sparrey Consulting mock interview for Wharton was crucial for me. First, simply the experience of "walking through" the interview gave me insight into how it would feel on game-day. As a result, I ultimately felt very confident in the interview which allowed me to relax and answer the interviewer's questions calmly and clearly. Second, the summary of my performance provided hours after the mock interview was eye opening. The notes provided were incredibly thorough and covered what worked and areas for improvement. Without Andrea's insight, I am certain that I would not have identified those weaknesses. 

Wharton Group Mock Interview Participant



Sample Interview Questions

What kinds of questions you might encounter in an interview.

Questions for

What kinds of questions you might want to ask your interviewer.

MBA Elevator Pitch 

How to answer that seemingly simple question, "Why do you want an MBA?"

Interview Tips

How to make a great impression when it counts the most!

Thank-You Examples

Why a well-written thank-you note is important, along with examples.

Other Resources

How to leave a lasting impression on LinkedIn.