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Will you be ready?

January 18, 2017

As we approach a new era in American (and likely global) politics, we have heard from dozens of clients over the past few months. Some are excited, such as those working to reinvigorate American manufacturing. Others are fearful, such as tech workers on H1B visas facing the prospect of moving to new countries in order to retain their career tracks, or executives with children who have pre-existing medical conditions. Yet the common thread between conversations is acknowledging the uncertainty ahead.

While it is easy to become defensive in the face of such uncertainty, change invites opportunity. Will you be ready?

Already, people are reconnecting with their personality profiles and core values (Strengthsfinder, ProValues, MBTI) to think through next steps in their careers (or boost engagement in their existing ones). For some of our clients, this has led them to apply to business school so they can pursue bigger ideas. For others, it means jumping right into starting their business (new gluten-free foods, prosthetics, and new agricultural investment products are some of the ideas that have recently inspired us!), or committing to a life of social good (impacting hundreds of kids through Teach for America, or building schools in Nepal). Regardless of their paths, they are moving forward.

Whatever you feel about the next four years, find your own way to move forward. Passionate about a cause? Do a one-minute search on the internet, find an organization that matches your passion, and SIGN UP! Learn a new language (computer languages count!), join a sports league, or just expand your learning horizons. Update your resume (including benchmarking your compensation), even if just to re-connect with all the great things you have accomplished. Build a Board of Advisors to do the same with all your key relationships. Help save a life. Whatever your pace or priorities, move forward!

In doing so, we will contribute to a world that continues to get better each day. Perhaps not at the pace we all want, and perhaps not in directions we all agree with. However, history has taught us that building communities, movements, and building relationships (including with people who disagree with us) is the best way to drive positive change for ourselves and those around us.

Looking forward to hearing your stories in the years to come!