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NYU Stern Class of 2020 Essay Analysis

June 27, 2017
With the release of its 2020 MBA Application, NYU Stern marks a significant change to the required essays candidates are asked to complete. Most notably, Stern is dropping its infamous open-ended creative essay, which allowed applicants to submit almost anything to “introduce” themselves to their classmates, so long as it was not perishable and could fit within certain size limits.

HBS Class of 2020 Essay Analysis

June 06, 2017
HBS has released its essay question for the 2017-18 application cycle, with the same prompt as the previous cycle.

Columbia Class of 2020 Essay Analysis

June 06, 2017
Columbia Business School has released their deadlines and essay prompts for the 2017-18 MBA admissions season. This year, there have been some more significant changes to the essay prompts and what they want to learn from applicants.

Do you have big goals? Could business school help you achieve them?

April 07, 2017
Close your eyes and imagine yourself one year from today. Have you gotten in to any of your top-3 choices? Did you earn scholarships? Are you already connected with peers or faculty to hit the ground running at your chosen school? Assuming you want to answer "yes" to any or all of these questions, when did you start the process?

"What went wrong?”

March 23, 2017
Inevitably this time of year, MBA applicants all over the world are asking this question. In articles that outline shocking results (or in conversations with individuals who are seeking detailed feedback through a ding report), there is often a lot of analysis or commentary about wholesale changes a candidate should consider, tweaks they could make to their existing profile, and/or some commiseration about the competitiveness of the pool, etc. Some disappointment is natural. However, given that there’s rarely a single answer for a disappointing result, detailed digging into the reasons for the outcome can distract from the most important question: How do I make the most out of the MBA experience ahead of me?