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Looking to enhance your career while also changing the world for the better?

March 06, 2017


The OpenIDEO BridgeBuilder Challenge was recently announced, offering a share of $1 million in funding for "solutions addressing urgent global challenges at the intersection of peace, prosperity, and planet in radically new ways." Examples OpenIDEO cites are improving water security in Sri Lanka or expanding resources to remote communities. Whatever your passion and idea for making the world better, this is your opportunity to turn thought into action!

Startup competitions, hackathons (see lists here, here and here), and competitions such as BridgeBuilder spur action and provide critical feedback as you refine your ideas. Successful ideas rarely get things right the first time… questions and input from diverse stakeholders helps stress-test your ideas and make them better. Plus, based on networking and relationship-building with attendees, you might even attract funding outside of the official prizes! 

Participation in competitions like this also help enhance your career. The intellectual challenge, sense of benefitting society, and learning generated through such competitions all fit with the "Nature of Work" that remains the most important factor in job satisfaction through ProValues. They also provide examples and stories useful in grad school applications, especially for schools seeking strong leadership experiences like Stanford, HBS, Booth, Wharton, and Kellogg. Finally, they provide a forum to build relationships with like-minded peers, mentors, and sources of funding that could be useful whatever future endeavor you pursue. 

So as a first step, spend 30 minutes thinking about how you want to change the work, and consider joining the IDEO Challenge here.