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How Volunteering Can Help You!

February 16, 2017

We often get asked by clients what factors most impact getting into business school. It’s an important question, particularly when you consider how you can improve your MBA applicant profile. Examples of leadership, particularly in the community where candidates could have a broad impact, can have a significant impact on whether you get into top-choice schools.  

The opportunity to demonstrate leadership often feels like a particular challenge, especially for people who work long hours or travel frequently with work. I’ve heard from many people in banking, consulting, or PE that they simply don’t have the time or cannot predict their schedule enough to give back. However regardless of your circumstances, volunteering is a great way to expand your skills and increase the number of accomplishments you can present to admissions committees and future employers. There is a hunger for skilled volunteers, and the cost/risk of bringing on an additional head in volunteering is negligible relative to the private sector.  

There are some valuable volunteering opportunities that flex into your schedule when you have a demanding career. Not sure where to get started? Volunteer Match helps you filter volunteer opportunities by cause, location, and focus demographic (i.e. kids, seniors). Many of their initiatives can be done remotely, when you have time. Ditto for Idealist, which allows you to filter on online volunteer opportunities that don't generally require face-to-face interaction. This is ideal for professionals who travel. Platforms such as these will help you find the right role(s) for you, and thus help you build experiences that will help boost your career and personal satisfaction.  

Volunteering can take many forms. Are you more of an introvert? Mentoring people in small groups may be what you're looking for. Like to travel? Look to volunteer overseas for a concentrated period, particularly if you can find a program that builds off of your talents. Whatever your interests, there is likely a way to reinforce them through volunteering.  

Whatever your passion, get involved!